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RANGREZ ~ Fragrance of the Festive Season

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Fragrance of the festive season 

A garden of festive fashion. 

A fresh bouquet of designs. 

A fragrant bunch of  styles and silhouettes.  

 A blooming basket of cuts. 



By Amisha Kothari 

As the festive season makes its eclectic presence felt through the country, 

a new collection blooms in the house of Amisha Kothari. 

Choose from a happy mix of colors , florals and candy stripes wrapped in traditional yet contemporary styles. 

Ranging from easy, lightweight to special occasion wear – 

RANGREZ is a riot of colors and florals, 

a fresh collection of designs with a happy, festive vibe.  

 Do sprinkle a whiff of ‘RANGREZ’  in your festive wardrobe this year.



RABT ~ An exquisite connection between the artiste and the artisans !

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An exquisite connection between the artiste and the artisans.

The artist’s imagination seeks to be born as a perfect palate of earthy hues.

The creator’s fantasy wants to be draped on a thing of eternal beauty.

The designer’s visions long to dazzle in the glory of breathtaking prints.

And it is none other than the artisan that brings this vision to life –

pouring hours of careful craftsmanship, generations of art and most of all, a sea of infinite love.


A bohemian-chic collection brought by the perfect union of the  designer’s creative voice with her community of craftsmen.



BLOOM ~ A time to flourish !

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Mornings are the brightest when the night has been dark.

Rock bottom is always the first step towards the top of the peak.

Coming out of a storm can also mean coming out strong.

A million shut doors are direction boards to a new life path.

Skies covered with dark clouds are followed by showers of unexpected blessings.

Pain is a disguised lesson, and loss, an opportunity to love again.

And most importantly –

all leaves need to be shed before you can fully bloom.





Bloom at work with feminine pastels.

Bloom at festivals with bright hues and whimsical bohemia.

Bloom at the next brunch with flirty florals.

It’s your time, Go, BLOOM!




MEHFOOZ ~ A Party for Two !

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Celebration may be an eleven-letter word

but do you really need eleven or more people to celebrate?

Is a party not a party without a long, flowing guest list?

Must a get-together really be dependent on how many people get together?

 Is a gathering less special if only a few of your special people gather?

Introducing, MEHFOOZ, A Party for Two.

No tightly squeezed family photos.

No friends bumping into each other in the gallery.

No intoxicated hugs at the crowded soiree.

Choose safety, this festive season. 

Celebrate mindfully, do your part.

And always remember, there is no six feet distance between the hearts.


A party for two.



LOST SUMMER ~ Living and Loving through a lost season!

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Who says that the missed joys of yesterday should be the regrets of today?

Why must the glory of the bygone stay in the bygone?

Who says you can’t turn back the wheels of time for once?

Or bring a string of precious moments back?

Who says that you can’t walk back into the past?

To brings its untouched treasures near.

But most of all,

Who says a ‘season’ gone will only come next year?



Bringing you bright prints to remind you of sunnier skies.

And pretty florals to take you back to blooming flower promenades.

A collection of breezy garments, much like the cool breeze.

And soothing whites that will forever be a tease.

A variety of patterns and pastels to ease the soul.

It’s a special part of summer for you, if not summer as a whole?

Ready to reclaim your ‘lost summer’?




BACKSTAGE ~ Life in the studio !

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BACKSTAGE ~ Life in the Studio !

Amisha Kothari Label - Backstage

Our products tell a story, the story of India.  Each Collection is created with Indian artisanal crafts and techniques, as a starting point. Today some of these craft traditions are lost but at Amisha Kothari Label, we are sensitive to them and love to hold on to this priceless invaluable know-how like hand block printing, hand embroidery, and patwa work. The result is always brilliant, of impeccable quality, each bearing a distinct signature of the hands that make them.  

At Amisha Kothari Label, we believe in the beauty of the imperfection of the human hand. Each of our products go through several hand processes before they reach your closet. From hand block printing to embroidery, to finally being stitched by master tailors in our atelier, we love and value the timeless essence of working with hand, the fact that each piece is same but still unique. Each bearing a distinct signature of the hands that make them. Back in the studio, (we are not complaining but) our days can be hectic. However, what makes it worthwhile is the chance to meet the diverse set of artisans and crafts people spanning different generations, who support our brand by working tirelessly behind-the-scenes.

Details matter to us. And, we know they matter to you too. This is why all the pieces from Amisha Kothari, be it simple kurta sets for every day to intricate festive styles, are thoughtfully put together and meticulously executed. Embroidery and trimmings, an essential Indian know-how for us. We are keen to maintain traditions and give a new lease of life to these ancestral arts. One of the traditional crafts we use is the “Patwa” work or Thread craft. Traditionally PATWAS were weavers engaged in jewelry-making business and worked with silver and golden threads. We are sensitive to this dying craft…and have today tried to revive it by incorporating it as signature tassels for all our dupattas…Modern but always in line with tradition…

Amisha Kothari Label - Backstage

Amisha Kothari Label - Backstage

Amisha Kothari Label - Backstage


SHWET ~ Eternal Whites to start afresh !

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SHWET ~ Eternal Whites to start afresh !


Grace and magnificence blend effortlessly in a collection that’s as classic as it is contemporary, accentuated by delightful cross-stitches and heritage hand embroidery. The SHWET Edit, started as a blank canvas both literally and metaphorically at our studio. White is classic, timeless, and one of the most recurrent colors of the fashion cycle. Its allure never goes out of style. This became the genesis for our edit, SHWET.

Versatile, feminine, and replete with classics, SHWET is a timeless edit by Amisha Kothari that works well for all types of occasions. Many of the silk kurta set pieces are doused in the minimalism of French lace detailing and delicate pearls while others are sprinkled with some of our signature prints, handmade tassels, and gota Patti finishing. The result was artisanal kurta sets that showcase our craft perfected for many, many years. It’s a collection we love for its simplicity. The looks from this collection are made for joy and serenity.




Choose from SHWET, a range of eternal whites – for glamour at the morning brunch and radiance at the evening group meditation class online on our web-shop HERE. You can also drop by to our Mumbai studio by appointment,  we would love to see you 🙂


KUSUM ~ Bloom Within !

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KUSUM ~ Bloom Within !


When you’re in the mood for something playful and feminine, find your attention drifting towards the intricately embroidered and meticulously printed Kusum. This easy-breezy collection is the perfect choice for a weekend spring afternoon – where designer floral inspirations can rub shoulders with the luxurious lilies on the table.

Flowers are the most ubiquitous motifs all year round but that’s also why they’re timeless. From summery pastels crafted in easy-on-the-skin cotton to classic colors rejuvenated with delicate resham work and gossamer dupattas, we’re presenting to you elevated ensembles adorned with flowers. Discover these floral mood-lifters from Amisha Kothari’s vibrant edit, KUSUM an exclusive designer kurta set collection.

KUSUM EDIT- Designer Kurta Set

KUSUM EDIT- Designer Kurta Set


Calf-grazing classic kurtas, fluid styles with attention to detail and zesty colors. And, the most compelling of all: a profusion of flowers. Amisha Kothari’s edit, KUSUM, is the most vibrant metaphor for spring. Shop this exclusive designer kurta sets collection of evergreen styles online on our webshop HERE


ROZANA ~ Making everyday Special !

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ROZANA ~ Making everyday Special !


Weaving a dash of style into your everyday life is one of the truest expressions of self-love. With its carefully embroidered and meticulously printed designs, the Rozana collection allows you to turn the rigmarole of daily life into the razzmatazz of fashion. Who needs to wait for a special occasion, when you can simply turn your every day into one?

When dreaming up looks that reinvent classic Indian staples in new ways, look no further than our edit ROZANA. A new philosophy for everyday dressing, it’s a collection made of trans-seasonal classics that are as effortless as they are traditional.

Meet your everyday essentials. Taking you back to the most effortless edit of ethnic kurta sets, ROZANA. A collection of floaty kurtas, florals, and fine embroidery that are equally perfect for the days you want to dress up simply or planning to add accessories to head out for a soirée. Each kurta set from this edit tells a story of its own

Clothes that bring a bit of joy to your everyday. ROZANA is a collection that makes casual dressing easier. For this edit, classic silhouettes met beautiful handmade details as we capture new renderings of Amisha Kothari classics. It’s our homage to precision and finding beauty in simplicity.




Explore more artisanal kurta sets and dupattas from Amisha Kothari and amp up your everyday style with ROZANA  on our web boutique HERE .  You could also book an appointment at our Mumbai-based studio. We would love to see you! Get in touch with us on WhatsApp at +91 9833379838 or email us at


UTSAV ~ Celebrating you everyday !

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UTSAV ~ Celebrating you everyday !

kurta set

Festive is a state of mind, not a season. No wonder, you need alluring festive wear in your closet, all year round. For a family pooja, a spontaneous party or other special moments of celebration. With the festive season upon us, it is natural to reminisce about times when getting together with family and friends was easier. Perhaps this is the reason why any occasion for a cozy celebration has become all the more special. Select from a variety of hand-embroidered and traditionally printed designer wear from the Utsav collection – and add a hint of glitter to your already fabulous self.

Be it intimate celebrations at home or other seasonal affairs, ace festive dressing with our embroidered kurta sets from the UTSAV edit that mixes timeless silhouettes with just a hint of shine. It’s our homage to a throng of contrasting colors that preserve India’s handmade culture—and will help you keep up the camaraderie during the time of celebrations.

embroidery kurta set



UTSAV, replete with vibrant colors is an ode from our label to classic cuts, resham embroidery, and beautiful block prints. Shop this embroidered kurta set collection online on our web-shop HERE or you can also book an appointment to visit our Mumbai-based studio. Just WhatsApp us at +91 9833379838 or email us at